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Food & Drink

We are committed to providing locally sourced food, as well as the everyday essentials people expect. Please take a look at our free range eggs, farm produce and seasonal fruit & vegetables. We are proud suppliers of authentic Welsh produce, including home baked cakes, local breads, cheeses, and meat products.

We constantly have a good range of beers, wines, spirits, and ice cubes, so we can provide everything you need for anything from feeding the family to a cosy night in, dinner with friends, or a party. We stock Mrs. Darlington’s™ jams and sauces. We carry a large choice of frozen foods including meats, fish, vegetables and ready meals.

Please check our website regularly for periodic discounted offers.

Hot Meals & Snacks

We are a Bake ‘n’ Bite™ outlet, so can provide freshly-baked foods, including sausage rolls, bacon, pies pasties and pastries, fresh sandwiches on crusty rustic bread and baguettes, available right through from an early morning breakfast, to the end of the day.

We also supply fresh tea, coffee, cappuccino and hot chocolate.

Please also ask us about our “Bake To Order” service, available by phone.

Utilities & Top-Up Services

We are accredited suppliers of Calor Gas™, so we can supply or top-up your cylinders, whether you are a holiday-maker, or regular local user. Many of the holiday cottages and apartments on Anglesey, use pre-payment key meters for their gas and electricity and we provide a top-up service for all the suppliers, so please visit us when you need a supply.

As a Paypoint™ outlet we provide mobile phone top-ups for all major networks. We also have an ATM cashpoint for your convenience.

Fuel & Outdoors

Buy your BBQ charcoal and fire-lighters from us. We can also supply logs and kindling for your fires.

Sport & Seasonal

We stock a large supply of seasonal and camping goods, including tent pegs, inflatable beds, towels, windbreaks, sun umbrellas, beach gear, toys, snorkels, goggles.

We also stock legally compliant inflatable boats.

Fishing & Angling

We stock bait, weights, tackle (including rigs, hooks and feathers) and junior rods. We can also put you in touch with regular Anglesonian fishing and Angling organisations, who can help you to find the best areas and catch, whatever the time of year (or weather).

Day tickets are available in-store for Maelog Lake.

Newspapers, Magazines, Souvenirs & Stationery

We stock all national and local newspapers, as well as regular periodicals. If there is a particular magazine you would like, that we don’t already stock, we will be happy to order it for you.

We also provide stationery, greetings cards and postcards, local ordnance survey maps and Anglesey walking maps, as well as brochures and booklets on local history and attractions.


Wayside Stores is a Lotto™ outlet, so choose your lucky numbers here, or try your luck with a scratch card.

Contact Details:

T: 01407 810 153
M: 07961 835 086

Ty Croes
LL63 5SY

Opening Hours:

Open 7 Days

Mon - Sat 7:00am to 9:30pm

Sun 7:30am to 8:30pm

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